Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Official Stuff

Evaluation of Completed Work

The completed embroidered assessment piece for Module 4 is a Fan based on the design topic of Line and Texture in Media.

How Do You Feel About the Resulting Conclusion?

I do enjoy making textile pieces which can be handled, worn or have a function - if only in a asthetic way! This fan answers the brief in two ways. It encapsulates the language within by "trapping" messages within the fan montures through stitch and paper and can be used as a fan to convey messages out to the prospective suitor. I found the making of the fan fulfilling, I set myself a challenge and I succeeded in conveying the message I hoped to give.

Is It Fit For Purpose - Give Reasons

As a practical item the fan can give a "draft"when moved and can be put in position to convey messages, but this fan has been made to show a method of capturing text and probably will not survive excessive use.

If You Were Asked To Make It Again, What Changes Would You Make To The Way You Designed It And The Way You Made It?

There are so many designs of fan that I might not go with the individual monture style of the Jenny Lind Brise fan, although this was useful to the method of grid stitches and paper pulp capture, and go with a A' l'Anglaise traditional style of an all over piece of fabric attached to the monture spines. If I did this style I would have had to rethink the whole way of capturing the messages as the resulting piece would have to be delicate and flimsy to fold in multiple places.

I am happy with the way I created this piece, a few lessons in welding, or soldering, might not have gone a miss to aid in the construction of the monture frames, but as usual I faced the problem and found an alternative method!



Design Work Started: 8th Jan 2010

Design Work Completed: 11th Jan 2010

Design Work: 14hrs

Embroidered Item Started: February 2010

Embroidered Item Completed: Jan 2011

Embroidery Work: 29hrs

Authenticity of Work

Storage of Work, Materials, Tools and Equipment

Health and Safety

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