Monday, 11 January 2010

Chapter Ten

Book Type Structures

A collection of books held in four folders

The four folders

Above and below the opened folders
with the books inside

Methods of binding


a) staple

b) hand sewn

c) machine stitched

d) brass paper fasteners

e) pin

f) cocktail stick

g) garden wire tie

h) garden plastic tie

i) hair clip

j) eyelets

k) twig

l) plant tab


m) supaclip

n) punched holes with blanket stitch

o) punched holes threaded diagonally

p) punched holes threaded zig zag

q) punched holes threaded

r) punched holes knotted thread

s) elastic band and stick

t) wire and stick

u) punched holes and ribbon

v) punched holes with elastic band and toggles

w) punched holes with decorative stitching

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