Sunday, 11 January 2009

Chapter One

Media Research
Making a collection of postal and stationary items

This collection of envelopes and stamps decided the colour scheme for this module

The Chosen Colours

Yellow, Brown and Blue

A gathering up of threads and ribbons ready to start

Making patterns and new shapes with envelopes

Stamp Collection

The stamps were put in order of colour and the image made was put through Photoshop and given different special effects

Media Items

A collection of media/stationary items

Mixed up media items - photoshop potential

Rubbings made of paper clips

Rubbings made of stamps

Rubbing made of an envelope, stamps and paper clips

Lettering Research

Collection of Lettering from magazines

Different Styles of Lettering gathered from magazines, packaging, lables and newspapers

Alphabet formed from the lettering collection

Patterns created from the alphabets
To be used later as grids see Chapter 7 "Grids by Other Means"

Lettering from other Cultures and Times

Taken during a visit to the British Museum

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